Aircraft Maintenance Services

Aircraft Maintenance Services – MRO Support – We have associations with Part-145 approved maintenance providers offering Aircraft Maintenance Services – MRO Support listed below:-

We offer a broad range of services  under the banner Aircraft Maintenance Services – MRO Support. please ask if there is any additional activities/support not listed below, that we may assist you with.]

  • Short and Long Term Parking/Storage up to 747 sized aircraft
  • Comprehensive Support and Maintenance for a number of aircraft types, including Line and Base Maintenance Checks through to D-Checks, on aircraft that include the Airbus single aisle aircraft (A318, A319, A320 and A321) Series. Airbus Twin Aisle Aircraft  (A330 and A340) Series, ATR42 and ATR 72 Series, Bombardier CL-600 and CL601, Boeing B737 Classic, B737NG,  B757, B767 and B777, BAE systems 146/RJ Series, Embraer EMB 135 and EMB 145, ERJ 170 and  ERJ 190 aircraft
  • Avionic Modifications
  • Aircraft Reconfigurations
  • Passenger to cargo conversions of Boeing B737 (Classics and Next Generation), B747 and  B767 aircraft
  • Stand alone Part 145 Line Maintenance Teams for deployment to airline’s operating bases.
  • Contract Manpower to Airlines/MROs to support their own, in-house, scheduled Part 145 Line Maintenance and/or Part 145 Base Maintenance Inputs, on a regular, or an ad-hoc basis.
  • Temporary teams of Engineers that can be deployed to Airlines/MROs to perform fixed price, non-scheduled, on aircraft (or in Workshop) Part 145 tasks during Scheduled Maintenance Inputs, such as Service Bulletin Activity (requiring additional/specialised labour for a specific task, beyond the clients’ normal in-house steady state/base level resources). Their work can also be certified by the Company (and EASA Form 1s etc, can also be supplied where required/relevant for Components that they work on).
  • A dedicated Team of specialist trained engineers that can go out to Airlines/MROs to perform Fuel Tank Repairs/Re-Sealing.
    Part 145 Component Workshop MRO activities, including:-
  •  associated equipment.
    • C1 – Air conditioning and pressurisation, pressure switches, sensors, ducts etc.
    • C4 – Doors and hatches – Passenger, cargo, service doors etc.
    • C5 – Electrical power, main and emergency batteries
    • C6 – Equipment – Water waste, passenger seats, flight and cargo compartment panel refurbishment, composite panel repairs, lavatories, galleys and
    • C7 – Engines/APU cowlings, fairings, mechanical linkages and control rods etc.
    • C8 – Flight controls, flying control surfaces, control input mechanisms etc.
    • C17 -Pneumatic valves, pressure switches, sensors etc.
    • C18 – Protection – Ice, rain and fire temp switches

Aircraft Maintenance Services - MRO Support - Line and Base Maintenance, Modifications, Aircraft Storage Fuel Tank Repairs/Re-Sealing, and Contract Manpower

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Aircraft Spares

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